What is Supplemental Insurance?

Best supplemental insurance plans!

Supplemental insurance is an extra insurance which helps fill in the gaps that your primary medical insurance isn’t able to cover. As a full time employee when you’re admitted in a hospital there are utility bills, transportation, childcare and medication bills which barely let you rest. This is where Rise comes into play. We want our customers to recover with as much peace of mind as they can by supplementing the bills that a regular primary medical insurance fails to cover.

Accident Medical Expense Insurance

Life has its unexpected moments. One such moment could be an accident which could drastically affect your already limited budget. At Rise we provide the Accidental Medical Expense Insurance as a solution to such an unforeseen calamity. The insurance helps you pay for your medical and out of the pocket expenses after an accident. The insurance covers emergency treatment, medical exams, ward stays and also other expenses such as transportation.

Disability Income

Having a stable job and a healthy lifestyle is something we all seek and work are hardest for during our younger years. Fast forward to few years later, the excessive use of our bodies over the time can cause them to betray us from the loss of strength. This could further culminate into something more serious like a disability. At Rise we offer employees Disability Insurance to cover their earned income against a risk, such as a disability, which could create a barrier for them to continue working. The insurance ensures that you continue to receive a portion of your pay which protects you and your family.

Cancer/Heart Attack/Stroke Insurance

The idea of suffering cancer or having an heart attack is something we definitely do not want to imagine. Though these conditions can be very much avoided, they are not unlikely to happen. If one was ever diagnosed with the aforementioned issues, the last thing they would need is to worry about their finances. At Rise we provide the Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke insurance policy so the patient can recover peacefully without having to further deter about other finances. The lump sum policy helps you by covering out of the pocket medical and daily expenses because your health comes first.

Gap Insurance

At Rise we offer our customers the guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance or Gap, which protects the car owners from facing any shortcomings. In a case where the car is written off or stolen, the insurer will usually provide the current market value of the car. In most cases, this is lower than the what the owner would have originally paid for. Gap insurance covers the difference in price by giving you the benefit to replace your car without having to pay additional cash.

Dental/Vision/RX Discount Card

Are you tired of having the same dental insurance without them being any lower regardless of which plan you choose? Are the vision tests adding extra expenses to your already existing expenses? Let’s try combining both your dental and vision insurance. Most employer insurance plans never cover dental or vision insurance regardless of the company’s size, which means these are the two most commonly sought after insurance plans, which also means more burden on your annual plan payments. At Rise we provide the benefit of combining the dental and vision insurance into a single bundle making your lives easier and much simpler! We also have the RX discount card helps cover your medicine expenses which aren’t covered by your insurance.

Health Insurance Add-Ons

At Rise we help you add additional benefits to your existing health insurance to provide you extra ease. These help to expand your insurance coverage at a lower cost and as per your requirement. The add-ons include maternity cover, personal accident cover and hospital expenses. By having add-ons our customers, who are both employed and non-employed individuals, get safeguarded against unknown medical emergencies which may involve high medical expenditures.

Expansive Telemedicine

Do you have a busy family life which prevents you from seeing a doctor? Are you someone who seeks medical care frequently and have a health insurance? Do you have to frequently travel outside your health insurance network? Do you have trouble with transportation? Then don’t worry. At Rise we have a perfect solution to your problem – Telemedicine. Though not an insurance, it is a good supplement to an already existing health insurance plan which provides you the convenience of saving a trip to the doctor. These doctors are available 24 hours and are eligible to provide a prescription as well!


At Rise we provide the Teledoc service which connects you to a certified licensed doctor or physician via phone or video call. These doctors can be help you with non-emergency cases and are available 24 hours a day. The teledoc doctors are also qualified to provide the customers with short-term prescription which they can pick up from a nearby pharmacy. The service has enhanced healthcare in terms of its accessibility, cost and quality of health care.

“I’m so happy I can get my medical treatments and be admitted in the hospital without having to worry about my medical expenses for a few days. Plus I can also pay my house bills. Rise Benefits alternative health insurance plan really made my life easier now. I am surely happy to connect with Rise”

MaryAnn Lorenz