At Rise we provide individual health insurance to fulfill your personal needs and keep up with you budget. At Rise we provide great perks with the individual health insurance plan.

  • Portability: If you’re an employee, switching jobs is not a problem as you still get to keep the policy.
  • Choice: You have the choice to choose a policy that best fits your needs.
  • Savings: the cost of individual health insurance is less and

you may be eligible for a premium tax credit which can assist with the cost of your month health insurance premiums.

  • Coverage: Individual health insurance can cover all essential health benefits and is available to everyone regardless of any pre-existing medical conditions.


At Rise we provide Vision Insurance plans which are designed to help you cover and keep up your budget for expenses to the ophthalmologist, prescription glasses and lenses. This includes:

  • Coverage for people of all ages.
  • Minimal waiting periods
  • Freedom and benefit to pay the difference between ones plan and the final cost.


Are you tired of having the same dental insurance without them being any lower regardless of which plan you choose? Most employer insurance plans never cover Dental insurance regardless of the company’s size, which means more burden on your annual plan payments. At Rise we provide Dental Insurance policy which makes your lives easier and much simpler!

“I’m so happy I can get my medical treatments and be admitted in the hospital without having to worry about my medical expenses for a few days. Plus I can also pay my house bills. Rise Benefits alternative health insurance plan really made my life easier now. I am surely happy to connect with Rise”

MaryAnn Lorenz