ACA Compliant Alternative Health Plans

Every one of us is working towards something we wish to achieve in life. It could be towards a better house for lesser money, healthier food for cheaper price and most importantly, a better health coverage policy for one smart monthly premium. Though it’s unfortunate that most of the time to gain more, we do end up paying more. So is health insurance an unreachable dream? Not unless you look for alternate health insurance choices!
Health insurance is surely expensive and this can be highly frustrating.

But, what can one do when trying to stay covered while trying to keep up with the high monthly payments? It’s simple, explore health insurance alternatives.

Rise Benefits offer ACA Compliant alternative benefit plans to individuals, companies and associations. We understand that there are many benefit and insurance plans in the marketplace. What makes our plans different is that they are designed with the end user in mind.

We are all aware that individuals had been mandated to have enrolled into benefit insurance plans. However, some of the traditional health plans never took the end user into mind when it came to price, usage or access to care – but our plans do. As brokers, we come across many plan designs which range in cost. However, we’ve taken the time to research plans that benefit our consumer.

Minimum Essential Coverage – MEC Plans

The Affordable Act or The Obamacare states that every individual must have an insurance or that every employer should provide health insurance to all its eligible employees otherwise a penalty shall be faced. At Rise we offer MEC plans which are ACA compliant plans with satisfactory packages for both the employees and the employer. Our plans are considerably less expensive and provides low-cost bled of solutions for most companies.

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Plans which are ACA compliant to cover preventative health services, Telemedicine, Formulary Drug Coverage, and some hospitalization for in-network and additional plans which include out-of-network.

Limited Benefit Plans

Association Limited Benefit Plan is a basic insurance coverage with a certain annual cap if one cannot gain access to the major medical plan. However, as an ACA compliant plan, similar to a major medical plan, there is no lifetime maximum to these plans .Though, it must be understood that the Limited Benefit Plan is not a replacement for a major medical plan. As an employee you may or may not be provided comprehensive insurance plan by your company. In case of lack of the conventional plan by your employer, at Rise Benefits, you are entitled to choose a coverage under the limited benefit plan for yourself and for your plan.

  • We have Limited Benefit Plans (LBP) which include everything a MEC Plans covers, plus more coverage and benefits for the member. These plans cost a little bit more, however, they cover more services which include more formulary drug coverage (Tier 1, Tier 2 and some Tier 3) and more hospitalization and urgent care. These LBP plans are designed for individuals that fall into disease management or prenatal. They are unique plans that address health coverage enrollment for individuals who are in limbo and/or missed the open enrollment process. The plans are also designed for individuals who don’t need a major medical plan but need access to care and general formulary drug coverage. Also, you can enroll into these plans at any given time throughout the year.
  • We also have major medical plans (See our Major Medical/ACA Plans page) and the basic telemedicine or the expanded telemedicine that comes with the standard preventive benefits (63 items) and identity theft.
  • Telemedicine which include behavior and mental health
  • A Telemedicine plan which includes Formulary Tier 1 or Tier 2 drugs at an affordable Price plus limited urgent care.

Our network are under the Aetna, Cigna, First Health PPO Network. We have a national PPO network that follows our members wherever they go in the U.S. The network is so easy to search for a PPO provider, Urgent Care Center, and Lab. And what’s great about this network is that you can easily within seconds create a personalized directory no matter where you’re at in the U.S. …. Plus our plans are affordable!

The plans are offered under RiseMed Health  by The Medical Access Network. The network is an association which offers plans at an affordable price point with year-round enrollment options.

  • The plans also include Identity Theft Protection. Nowhere can you name a plan that also include Identity Theft Protection (protection for your valuable health information) for it’s members other than our RiseMed Health Plans.
  • The claims are handled with a Third-Party Administrator like every other plan in the market.
  • This makes access to care, pre-authorization and the adjudication of the claim simple in providing the member a summary of benefits (SOB).

You might wonder how long these plans are available and maybe you haven’t heard about them before. These plans have been available for several years. They’re even available during open enrollment under the healthcare exchange. Our Rise Benefits agency took time out to do our research to partner with The Medical Access Network in providing these plans to the consumer as Risemed Health.

Direct Primary Care – DPC

If you are looking for an alternative to the Obama health care policy, at Rise we provide you direct primary care – DPC. It is an affordable and easy alternative to a regular health insurance plan where patients directly pay to their physician in either monthly, quarterly or annual bills. The plan covers consultations, lab works and other medical expenses. It’s like having an exclusive membership with your physician as you pay an all-inclusive, flat rate fee for the primary care services. For services not covered by DTC, Rise provides supplementary policies to cover up emergency expenses so you can have the best of the best.

Hospital Indemnity Plan

Ever been to a hospital and felt the bitter taste of the medicine? So, being an employee; What about seeing the medical bills? Thought you were in less pain before? Well, don’t worry. Rise Benefits has your covered between your hospital stays. Your hospital insurance may help you with some of the expenses but imagine a scenario where you are busy paying the hospital bills and your house bills are piling up like a mountain! In such a case if the money isn’t readily available, one can end up in a financial bind rather fast!

Short Term Health

Do you like renting your own car when travelling but don’t want to spend too much on annual payments? Do you want to finish your studies with minimal budget on hand? Worried about expensive medical bills when un-employed? Have no worries! At Rise benefits we provide short term insurance plans for employee benefits which can satisfy your needs for a short period of time. We have a very simple and customer-friendly procedure. Our short term insurance covers a wide range of your needs and can last from a day to 30 days depending on your needs. Our short term insurance is a lifetime of a strong relationship!

“I’m so happy I can get my medical treatments and be admitted in the hospital without having to worry about my medical expenses for a few days. Plus I can also pay my house bills. Rise Benefits alternative health insurance plan really made my life easier now. I am surely happy to connect with Rise”

MaryAnn Lorenz