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A change is needed to current healthcare benefit offerings. RiseMed Health Plans is working to rapidly become the answer to this problem. RiseMed Health Plans provide guidance and advisory to Individuals, Families, Self-Employed, Seniors and Small Businesses to select, decide, and benefit from an array of insurance solutions from various carriers.

We help improve your health benefits plans at an affordable price, enabling individual consumers access to affordable health care. and deliver an innovative, most robust benefits plan that empowers individuals, families and the self-employed to enjoy a productive work-life.

We also find the best fit, best option for small business and saves them money. We reduce the impact of employee out-of-pocket medical expenses -high deductible expenses-co-pays for hospital stays, prescriptions, etc. and value-added benefits like wellness, telemedicine and more!

We pre-filter and blend the various products from multiple carriers and take out the hassles from you — so you pick and choose only the options needed at the right time, budget, at the right stage of your life.


We pre-filtered and blended the various products from multiple carriers and took out the hassles from you — so you can pick the best package and choose only the options needed at the right time, budget, at the right stage of your working life . We can also customize and pick a single plan as a stand- alone or as an add-on for your specific needs.


Expert advice and affordable insurance solutions for individuals and small business

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At RiseMed Health Network, we know access to healthcare is important to you. That is why we have developed multiple plan options that allow you access to Telemedicine remote medical care, Formulary prescription coverage and standard medical coverage.

“I’m so happy I can get my medical treatments and be admitted in the hospital without having to worry about my medical expenses for a few days. Plus I can also pay my house bills. Rise Benefits alternative health insurance plan really made my life easier now. I am surely happy to connect with Rise”

MaryAnn Lorenz

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With the current state of healthcare in the US today, foremost in every employee's mind would be questions how they would cope with healthcare costs for himself and

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