Accident Medical Expense Insurance

Life has its unexpected moments. One such moment could be an accident which could drastically affect your already limited budget. At Rise we provide the Accidental Medical Expense Insurance as a solution to such an unforeseen calamity. The insurance helps you pay for your medical and out of the pocket expenses after an accident. The insurance covers emergency treatment, medical exams, ward stays and also other expenses such as transportation.


At Rise we provide the Teledoc service which connects you to a certified licensed doctor or physician via phone or video call. These doctors can be help you with non-emergency cases and are available 24 hours a day. The teledoc doctors are also qualified to provide the customers with short-term prescription which they can pick up from a nearby pharmacy. The service has enhanced healthcare in terms of its accessibility, cost and quality of health care.

“I can get my medical treatments by getting admitted in hospital with my desired satisfaction, and I don’t need to think more about my medical expenses. Rise Benefits alternative health insurance plan really made my life easier now. I am surely happy to connect with Rise”

MaryAnn Lorenz